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Is there a reason you’re trying to host php sites on windows? Most hosts use Linux or BSD but mostly Linux.


I have 2016 Windows servers that I use to host my web projects that are all done on .net so I have only Windows servers with over 50TB of free space and 2980 Gbit/s uplink so I am considering reopening hosting company. Some 10-15 years ago I had over 3000 costumers but I went away to do something else in life and sold that company way back. Now I am interested in doing it all over again because I do not need to work anymore so I can be devoted to this + I have over 300 people in my company and I can appoint someone to do basic stuff on this 24/7 but it is my pet project and for start I do not wish to involve my company in it. Or ask for help from my employees

I used Plesk a lot in the past and almost all Windows hosting company has it so I don’t wish to have it but to offer something different for users like me who are disappointed with Plesk.

Maybe I do put additional Linux server but I am really newcomer when Linux is in question.

Thanks for asking

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