Which hosting companies use MySQL 8?

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I apologize I must have not fully understood your original post. It’s been ‘one of those days’.

That’s really strange… AFAIK you can export your data as SQL and import it into just about any other system – MariaDB, etc.

I know that being on MySQL 8 itself can be a bit ‘fun’ and that it’s not possible to ‘downgrade’ directly short of exporting all of the SQL, moving to a different version, and then re-importing the SQL.

I’ll have to do a bit of research on this myself.

Yea, I’m interested and puzzled by this a bit as well.

WordPress is a PHP script. I’m not sure what that has to do with MySQL version.

I’m sure some thing changes between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0 – but those changes would have to be explicitly called within the SQL statements in the WordPress PHP script. And as far as I know, WordPress operates just fine on MySQL 5.7.

Perhaps something changed between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0 that wasn’t grandfathered in? But if that was the case then WordPress would have to know to differentiate between a MySQL 5.7 server and a MySQL 8.0 server and issue different SQL statements based on this. Or just not support MySQL 8.0 at all.

I’d be interested in following this topic to see what the judgement is.

I don’t think MySQL 8.0 adoption is up there enough yet for WordPress to write SQL statements that are explicitly for MySQL 8.0. It would behoove them to remain as MySQL agnostic as they can. I would think a database dump from MySQL 8.0, MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.x could be made and imported into any MySQL 8.0, MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.x system and the WordPress code would operate just fine.

But maybe I’m wrong. Like I said, this is an interesting topic to follow.

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