Welcome Anu Adegbola to the Clix Marketing Team!

At Clix, we pride ourselves on our amazing team of experienced PPC professionals and we are excited to be expanding!

This week we had the incredible pleasure of welcoming Anu Adegbola to our team as the Director of Client Strategy.

Anu is the self proclaimed happiest person in marketing. She has spent the past 12 years+ delivering digital marketing campaigns (mostly but not exclusively Paid Search) by building strategies, maximising ROI, automating repetitive processes and bringing efficiency from every part of marketing departments through inspiring leadership both on agency and client side.

She got into this world due to her love of Microsoft Excel (when you speak to her – ask her about her favourite Excel formula). She also has a passion for automation and coupled with her love of Microsoft Excel has spoken at several notable conferences including BrightonSEO, The Marketing Meetup, HeroConf, SESLondon, SearchLove and more. 

Her passion for speaking also led her to create her podcast called the #PPCChat Roundup where she voices the expert views and opinions that are given on the #PPCChat Twitter conversation that happens weekly on Tuesdays, adding her own witty opinions alongside them. 

As Director of Client Strategy at Clix, Anu’s main goals will be further developing Clix’s brand and position in a highly skilled and competitive digital marketing industry, in addition to working on client strategy and growth. 

You can reach Anu on LinkedIn or Twitter, where you’ll find plenty of discussion on the changes and approach that best suits a changing digital landscape for PPC managers and marketers, but also how she navigates being a sometimes fully functional single adult with an Amazon shopping addiction, who’s cat only shows mild affection towards her.

Welcome to the team, Anu!

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