Website Load Speed Is Key for SEO

How fast your site loads has an impact on your results.Period. In fact, if your site doesn’t load in just over the time it took you get to “period,” you could lose visitors. That’s right: Today’s website visitors are
looking for instant gratification. They don’t have the patience to wait for your website, no matter how great it might be when it finally does load.

A mere two seconds.Think about it in terms of a race: If you’ve ever watched swimming or sprint event, a two-second differential can
actually seem like a long time. Swimmers in a 200-meter event are attempting to shave fractions of a second off their race times; two seconds can mean the difference between first place and 16th place. Now, think about it in terms of your own Web browsing experiences.

How often have you clicked on a search result and then backtracked because the site didn’t load quickly? A lot? Yes, that’s common.For all the good SEO you might have, and for all the top rankings you may have achieved, if your visitor leaves before they’ve seen your valuable content or feature-rich website, what good are those rankingsto you, anyway?In 2019, site speed is the name of the SEO game.

If your website doesn’t load in the time it took you to say that, you may have just lost the race, even if you have a top Google result. And, in the long run, your website’s ranking could start to decrease based on your poorly performing website speed.

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