Use These 4 Video Editing Tools to Make Your Mobile Marketing Stand Out

Today I have some resources to help you improve your video marketing strategy on mobile with simple to use editing apps.

Creating catchy videos for your brand marketing can help attract a larger audience on places like Instagram and YouTube. Businesses can take advantage of professional editing tools to encourage likes and comments. Are you looking to improve visuals for your business? Take advantage of these mobile apps, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Advanced video edits and filters – VSCO

Make your videos more visually appealing with your brand’s own perspective. VSCO offers a membership app for iOS and Google Play that provides an extensive preset library that will bring your content to the next level. Add special effects, create a mix of content, and much more. Interact with other member creators as well as the VSCO team to gain inspiration and helpful tips.

2) Make beautiful videos – Videohance

Get better creative control over your video edits. Videohance allows for adjustments in real-time with an included selection of textures to give your work a vintage look. Change a previously recorded video with powerful color and contrast controls. This premium app is available for iOS users, and even includes a feature to create an animated slideshow for your next webinar or product promotion.

3) Record, edit and share – Adobe Premiere Rush

Turn your photos into a fun and creative experience for your audience. Adobe Premiere Rush is a free app for iOS, which allows you to create amazing videos as you record them. Add fun effects with professional transitions that will make your content stand out to your audience. Finish them off with titles, color enhancement, speed adjustment, and built-in audio. Once your video is complete you can share it to social media with the correct aspect ratio.

4) Professional visual stories – LumaFusion

Enhance and stylize your videos with this robust iOS app. LumaFusion helps you to create stand-out visual stories with integrated audio editing, tracks, a media library, multilayer titles, and more. Add special effects to your videos along with color correction and speed control. Export your final work with high quality resolution up to 4K, and share to social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram.

Hopefully you will find these editing resources useful to your mobile video marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.

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