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How to Create a Successful Video Campaign: 9 Strategies to Use

Tactic 1: Define your goals

Before you develop your video marketing and advertising strategy, think about what your goals are. This will inform the type of video you create, and the tactics you use to promote it. 

For example, if you want to increase sales for a specific product, you may create a short video advertisement that you pay to promote using pre-roll display ads on YouTube and other sites, using detailed audience targeting. 

Looking to drive organic engagement? Maybe you create a “behind-the-scenes” style vlog of your business, that you post on your YouTube channel and share on your website.

Being clear on your objectives early on will keep your team aligned, inform your content and promotion, and help you know which metrics to track. 


Tactic 2: Mobile-friendliness is a must

Like we mentioned earlier, if your videos aren’t mobile-friendly, you’re selling yourself short from the get-go.  

During the second quarter of 2020, 51.53% of global website traffic was from a mobile device (and that statistic doesn’t even include tablets!)

Mobile traffic jumped 80% because of COVID-19, and shelter-in-place – people were spending more time at home browsing on their phones.

Not only is mobile traffic increasing across the board, but video viewing makes up the majority of mobile web traffic.


Source: SmartInsights


People are using their phones like never before, so make sure they can watch your content comfortably!

When creating your video, research the appropriate sizing for social media apps, and post your videos on responsive websites.


Tactic 3: Use eye-catching thumbnails 

A thumbnail provides a viewer with a window into the world of the video. At least that’s the goal of a thumbnail.

The small image is what beckons someone to click on it. Careful forethought is vital when choosing an image.

Remember, a video thumbnail is equivalent to a video snippet. It’s got to catch the viewer’s attention!


Tactic 4: Tailor your video to each platform

A video that’s the wrong size, format, or length won’t instill confidence in your brand. 

Do your research first, and make sure you understand the dimensions and format for the platform you plan to publish on. Instagram Stories have a totally different shape than a YouTube video.

Check out our social media image and video size guide to make sure you’re on the right track.


Tactic 5: Include a call-to-action

So, someone’s seen your video. What do they do next? Include a clear call-to-action in your video, so that your customer moves down the desired funnel. 

Depending on what your goals are, you can ask people to share your video, tag someone in the comments, or navigate to your website to purchase something. 

For example, if your goal is to increase web traffic, include something at the end of your video that says “Learn More” with a link to your site.

By including a clear next step for the customer to take, you can help them continue to engage with you. 


Tactic 6: Cross-promote your videos

Video content can be quite the investment, so you want to promote it from all angles. Are you hosting a live Q&A on your company’s Instagram account? Promote it via email, your other social channels, and on your website. 

You can also repurpose your video content by getting a transcription and publishing it to your blog along with your video – this strategy can help you rank your video in search, as well as provide people who prefer to read another way to consume your content.

Not everyone will follow you across all platforms, so by cross-promoting you’ll reach as many people as you can. 


Tactic 7: Share your videos in your email newsletters 

If an email newsletter is a part of your marketing strategy, include your videos in there! Or create a special series of videos for your subscribers only. 

In this way, you’ll get your email subscribers more involved in your other channels – like YouTube. They’ll spend more time with your newsletter, and it offers them additional valuable content. 

Here’s an example from the August 2020 Hearst Bay Area newsletter:

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 9.02.41 AM

Tactic 8: Engage with niche communities 

Look for communities that you know will appreciate, engage with, and evangelize your content. Part of this is done with audience targeting for ads, of course, but you can also do it organically. 

Perhaps you send out your video content to a specific interest list you have in your customer database. Another great way to do this is to take advantage of online communities and social media groups for people with relevant interests.

You can also learn from these communities by engaging with them, helping you learn more about your users and keep up with what’s trending.

You don’t want to be too salesy, but rather focus on creating and promoting valuable content to the communities that will care about it.


Tactic 9: Use paid promotion to share your videos widely

If you dedicate some of your budget to paid promotion, there are a whole host of options available to you to ensure your videos reach your target audience. 

There are several different ways to advertise using video, from video banner ads, display pre-roll advertising, OTT and CTV ads, YouTube TruView, social media ads, and more. 

Video ads are eye-catching, engaging, and a great way to combat ad fatigue.

Not only that, but they are great for building your retargeting pixel on places like Facebook.

Did you know that all it takes is a 3-second view for you to be able include that viewer in a custom audience? If you don’t have a ton of website traffic, this is an excellent way to build warm audiences that you can advertise your other content or products to in the future.

The best part?

You can generate 3-second video views for around $0.02 per result, making this method of audience building inexpensive and effective. 

Consider working with an experienced video advertising agency to help stretch your budget as far as it can go using precise targeting and ad placements.

Looking for more tips? Here are some additional dos and don’ts for a successful marketing video.

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