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TSO Hosts Horde Webmail is v5.2.22 !

I have only used Horde once in Cpanel for caldav, I mostly use Roundcube, but with Horde I cannot remember opening any Openoffice Documents.

In Nov 2021 and January 2022 TSO advised:
We have identified malware on your cloud hosting package – please remove infected files.

On both occassions they:
I am afraid that we are unable to confirm the exact website/s that were infected and the malware type, location, and file name as this was an automated scan.

All through November 2021 to April 2022 I experienced intermittent outages with email lasting days at a time, and despite my tickets they denied that their was any issue their end, one call had front line tech call handler haplessly try this, try that, on and on for 2 hours on two separate occassions, it seemed pointless.

I also experienced some issues with SSL certs, and redirection of one site to a gambling site.

Since August 2021 they had been advising that I would be migrated to a new server, in April 2022 it finally happened, and things settled down a bit, with smtp being far more sprightly than I had been used to.

Then in May we again experienced a series of email outages againthat went on for about a week, all week they denied anything was wrong there end, a front line tech call handler haplessly get me to try this, try that, on and on for hours, tech suppt at one point had me marching off to my ISP to ask if they had put any blocks on my account – which of course they had not (I did check).

It only transpired later that sending a ticket was the way to get any form of proper tech suppt.

It was only when I drew their attention to the fact that my html websites had disappeared, my blogs had been replaced with other content, and that I had discovered new email accounts set up on one domain (a domain that ironically I had transferred to TSO from 123-reg last June 2021) and one of these email accounts with 10,000 undeliverable spam messages in its inbox.

I am considering having to start again, and wiping the servers content, which seems riddled with Malware in many corners.

Have I been poorly served here, I feel so ?

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