Top 10 Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers

In the vast internet web, you are searching for Cheap Cloud Hosting, and this article is literally what you are looking for!

Hello, guys. Welcome to GoogieHost, Today we will tell you about the Best Cloud Hosting Providers available in the market.

By the way, do you know many big leagues are offering Cheap Cloud Hosting? But trust me, the bubble won’t last long. Will, it burst at some point?

Yes, because the curtains are falling now.

The Legit Cloud Hosting Providers offering Cloud Hosting Without Credit Card are the legit ones, and here in his article, you will get to know about the five best Cloud Hosting providers.

But first, Let’s start with the basics.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Well, cloud hosting is not Hosting on Clouds 😂; in cloud Hosting, your website’s data is stored in multiple data centers to give you the best latency and no data loss insecurity.

There’s a fact, and it says, “Cloud hosting uses the registering force of various machines to imply in addition to the fact that you have unfathomably more potential than you would through conventional hosting, you likewise approach the administrations those machines offer; the best performance.”

This is the place where things begin to get intriguing.

Do you know there are two types of Cloud Hosting?

Now let us look at the features of Cheap Cloud Hosting followed by 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers.

Features Of Cheap Cloud Hosting

There can be many features while using a Cloud Hosting Service, but here you will learn about the features that make a regular Cloud Hosting As The Best Cloud Hosting.

  • Better Backups
  • Better Security
  • Loss Of Data insecurity is almost negligible
  • Better Scalability
  • Better Performance( Better Than Dedicated)
  • Best latency Response
  • Supports SQL & NoSQL database
  • 100% Server Uptime From the Server End

5 Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers

Now let us take a look at the best and the most prominent Cloud Hosting Providers. I will be mentioning the 5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers.

Let’s Plunge into Them.

#1 ClubVPS

The company is famous for its highly redundant servers and powered its servers with SSD drives to become the most responsive server available in the market!

If your primary need is Freedom, they are a good choice for you; this company offers Freedom Cloud Hosting.

And Believe me, they are the exact Cloud Hosting Provider you have struggled to find for so long.


Let us take a look at their features, followed by pricing and plans.


  • Gives you unrestricted add-on backup.
  • SSD drives up to 160GB.
  • You Will get Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Freedom of setup as per your plan.
  • Intel Xeon Processors For Best Processing.

Pricing & Plans

As you can see in the image below, the company offers the three best plans for Cloud Hosting, and trust me, all the plans are value for money! By the way, you can also configure your projects as per your requirements!

clubvps plans

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#2 Cloudways

One of the Best Cloud Hosting Providers available in the market with all the features you need in your Cloud Hosting, and if you are searching for Cheap Cloud Hosting, then trust me, they are pretty cheap.


Whenever someone talks about Cloud Hosting, Cloud Ways is the company that will satisfy all your needs.

The company also offers a trial period to judge their Fastest Cloud Hosting Service, and yes, they will ask for your Credit Card Details but believe me, they are Legitimate and keep your credentials safe.

You can read here the complete cloudways review

Let us take a look at their features.


  • Highly Optimised Stack
  • Auto Healing Service
  • All PHP Application Support
  • Automated Backups
  • Minimum 1TB Bandwidth
  • Accessible Trails for Testing Their Cloud Hosting Service

Pricing & Plans

Cloud Ways offers four plans, and as you can see in the image below, every plan is precious, and they allow you to use their plans. You will get Free SSL and many other amenities in their Cloud Hosting Service.

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#3 DigitalOcean

Digital ocean is a new player in the market, and due to this, they offer incredibly pocket-friendly plans that you all can achieve your goals.


They work with great hardware features & provide you special pricing.


  • Hourly & Monthly pricing available.
  • SSD is provided with each plan.
  • Bandwidth features.
  • Server deployment in just 55sec.
  • API with flexibility.


  • Each plan contains an SSD.
  • Easy control panel.
  • Contains KVM & API.
  • Tier-1 network is available.


  • Only public clouds.
  • Provides only 1IP.
  • The server gets slow sometimes.

Pricing & plans

The best part about their pricing is that they offer their client users both hourly & monthly, which helps them manage their budgets efficiently & it is complicated to find a hosting that provides SSD & 512 MB at just $5/month.

digitalocean plans

#4 Kamatera

This company offers its clients a guarantee of 99.95% uptime with 13 different data centers worldwide & unlimited traffic for users.

Kamatera Hosting Black Friday Deals

They have a 30-days free trial & contains tech human support of 24/7 customer support.


  • Gives Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Customer service 24/7.
  • Uptime of 99.95%.
  • CDN is available.
  • Firewall management is proactive.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of instance types.
  • Provides you scalable cloud setup.
  • Fully managed hosting.
  • Better hardware.


  • High charge for networks.
  • Beginners will find it difficult to use.
  • Newbies will find it costly.

Pricing & Plans

They offer you a 30-days trial where you can check all of their four plans and can select the perfect plan for you. Look at the plans mention below-:


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#5 Vultr

This is one of the best in the business right now if you want peaceul & adaptable cloud hosting.


Many customers have found fault in customer service but it was good as per my experience it is one of the best companies for e-commerce sites.


Pros & Cons


  • High level of scalability.
  • No need to pay for resources you don’t use.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Wide range of Operating systems
  • Billing monitoring is very easy.


  • No live chat or phone support.
  • Beginners will not find it familiar.
  • Lack of info about security.
  • Not good customer support.

Pricing & plans

This is one of the best companies in terms of pricing as they don’t force you to choose from available plans. If you don’t find any plans suitable for your idea you can build your own plans. Look at the image of the plan shown below-:


How to Get Cheap Cloud Hosting

When it comes to buying a cloud hosting provider, everyone wants it to be budget-friendly. But how will you know that if it’s worth it? Well, if we talk about experts then they will, of course, look at the features that the cheap cloud hosting provider offers.

But a beginner should understand what those features are.

So, here we have boiled down some features that as a beginner you must look for when you are buying a cheap cloud hosting provider.


“Uptime is important because it actually shows your server’s availability for your customers across the globe”

Hence having a hosting provider that can offer you 100% uptime is a great deal.

Multiple data centers locations:

If you want to experience short Response rates and low latency then all you need is a data center nearest to your location.

So, choose a hosting provider that has multiple data centers located across the globe.

24/7 technical support:

Anytime available technical support can reduce much of your hassle. As in cloud hosting, you have to manage most of the things on your own like customizing plans and specifications, or even sometimes your website goes offline then with the help of fast 24/7 Technical Support you can easily come out of that situation.

Cloud Storage:

Cloud Storage plays a vital role in backing up your website data and managing it.

And for a fast read/write speed cloud SSD disks are always the best as compared to traditional HDDs. So, choose a hosting provider that offers SSD Storage Disk rather than HDDs and allows you to access the data whenever it’s required.

Easily scalable: When it comes to scaling a website during high traffic spikes then cloud hosting is the best solution to traditional hosting solutions. And having a cloud hosting provider that can scale your website in an instant is the cherry on the top.


Is there anything like free cloud hosting?

Yes, it’s true! There are things like Free Cloud Hosting and Cheap Cloud Hosting.

Which cloud provider is the cheapest?

You can go with DigitalOcean as they offer free trials to their new customer for 60 days with $100 credit. And if we talk about their cloud hosting plans then the basic one starts at $5/month.

How do I host a website on the cloud for free?

There are plenty of cloud hosting companies out there that allow users to host websites on their platform by offering them free cloud hosting trials.

You can host on these following companies

  • Vultr
  • Kamatera
  • ClubVPS
  • DigitalOcean

Gety Started with Cheap Cloud Hosting

Finally, you made it to the part when things are wrapping up the article, So in this article, you scrolled through the Best cloud Hosting Provider and they can also be considered as the Cheap Web Hosting Provider.

By the way, I’m here again mentioning the points that why Cloud Hosting is the Supreme of all the Hostings!

  • 100% Server Uptime
  • Best Latency
  • Best Scalability
  • Even Better Performance Compared To Dedicated Server
  • Multiple data centers locations

So, now you know about all the points which will help you get a Cheap Cloud Hosting and if you have any queries regarding Best Cloud hosting Then you can ask me in the comment section below.

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