The Secret to Creating Consistent Content (that nobody’s talking about)

Written by Jen Rao

Hands up if you easily create consistent content week after week without fail.

My guess?

Since you’re reading this article, that’s probably not the case.  

But despite what you may be thinking  – you’re not alone.  Lots of content creators struggle with finding their rhythm to publish consistently. 

However, we all know content is king and the money is in the audience.

And publishing valuable blogs, podcasts and videos for your audience they’ll be more likely to buy your paid offerings too.  Without needing to spend money on ads, an engaged audience is the foundation of a business based on content marketing.

There’s just one problem.

Sometimes, creating engaging, valuable and consistent content week after week feels nearly impossible.

Why is consistent content so important?

As you grow your business, showing up consistently is a non-negotiable.  First, let’s review why you’d even bother spending hours creating a podcast they’ll love.


1. You build trust between you and your audience

A consistent publishing schedule keeps you top of mind for your people.  They’re constantly bombarded with distractions and unless they hear from you regularly, you’ll lose their attention. 

Also, showing up week after week also allows your audience to be on the journey with you.  In an impersonal world, this sense of connection to a content creator is super valuable.


2. Consistent content establishes you as an expert

As you produce valuable content, you’ll support others with your knowledge.  Imagine someone lands on your YouTube channel after searching “how to workout at home.”  Not only did you provide the needed answer, but now they see your library of fifty other videos that help them with their home workouts too.

From this, they bookmark your channel as a go-to resource, visit your website and download your helpful opt-in.  Now you have a new, engaged member of your growing email list, eager to learn more from you.


3. You’ll find and refine your brand voice

Clearly communicating what you’re all about is especially important if you’re new to content creation. Often, in the early stages of building your content channel, you get stuck in analysis paralysis. 

Meaning, you try to think your way to success , scared to publish content unless it’s absolutely perfect.  You get caught up in fretting over the small things.  But when you show up week after week and post your good not perfect content, your message gets stronger.  This is how you discover your unique voice to add to your niche.  

Remember, nobody else can replicate what YOU have to bring to your topic.  


The Most Common Content Creation Advice

Now, when you google “create consistent content” you’ll get loads up helpful ideas.  However, it mostly revolves around the technical and planning side of your content strategy.  Here are a few examples –

Create a content calendar.  Professionals don’t sit down and think “hmmm what should I write about today?” They plan out their content in advance, and know the goals of their content.

Schedule time to create your content.  Again, a great piece of advice.  Knowing which days of the week and times of the day that you’ll actually create the content is key.  Content creation takes a lot of brain power, so you don’t want to be overloading yourself with confusion and decisions when you should really just be sitting down and getting it done.

Batch your creation tasks.  Another piece of advice to help make the actual work of creating content flow better. Examples of tasks you can batch are keyword research, topic ideas, creating drafts, collecting photos, editing videos and podcasts.  The less your brain switches from task to task, the higher quality work you’ll get done.

Make sure it connects with your audience.  This is so important.  You need to know who you’re targeting, what keeps them up at night and how you can best serve them.  Creating consistent content that doesn’t connect with a specific audience isn’t worth the time. If you’re creating for everybody, you’re creating for nobody.  Know your audience.

So, you’ve followed all of the advice above, but still struggle to produce consistent content?  It’s time to talk about one important piece you may be missing in your content production strategy.


The Secret to Creating Consistent Content Is… Community

At Fizzle, we know being an online entrepreneur can be lonely.

That’s why we created a supportive community that can show up for each other, no matter where they live in the world.

And recently, we hosted a Content Creation Challenge, with fantastic results.

You see, when you’ve got a group cheering you on, people who can hold you accountable, staying on track with your content creation becomes fun and easy.

Our members created blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts for 5 weeks straight.  Some of them were building out brand new projects, others are veterans of the game.

But what they all agreed on was this- showing up with extra motivation as a cohort was incredibly helpful for them to put the work in.

They were grateful for the deadlines because it helped them hit publish no matter what.  When they felt like giving up, they reached out to each other for support.

Society likes to convince us that we can do everything on our own.  That somehow it makes us stronger.  But peer support and connection is an integral part of building a business.  And if you’re just starting out and don’t have a team to interact with, it’s even more important!

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