The Easiest Way to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | A Step-by-Step Guide

The Easiest Way to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | A Step-by-Step Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Instead of creating your own product, dealing with your own customers, you can sell other people’s products and services and make money. But how do you get started? How can you start seeing results fast? Today I’m going to share with you the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing.


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Step 1, define your traffic source.

Are you good at SRO? Are you good at paid ads?

What version of marketing are you good at?

For example, if you do SEO you got to pick one niche. If you do joint ventures and partnerships, again you got to do one niche and focus all your energy there. If you do paid ads, you can do any niche out there as long as the payouts are high enough because you got to buy that traffic.

Step 2. The second step, defining your target audience.

What is the niche you want to work in? Now, most people are like, “I want to be in the niche that pays me the most money.” You don’t do well as an affiliate marketer in that. Why? Because after a while you give up, you hate what you’re doing, you’re just like “I don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy doing this.”

You want to focus your efforts on what you love because what you love is what you’re going to create better content on, better marketing campaigns, better ad traffic, you’ll get more creative.

Step 3. find products that are a good fit for your audience.

Now, most people do this by just googling. That’s a really inefficient way. There’s actually already affiliate sites out there that showcase products. And the products they showcase are the ones that tend to be the best performers not only for the publisher, but also the advertiser.

So, by looking at these affiliate sites, you’ll know what tends to work because their top offers tend to be the ones that make the most money.

Checking out those sites will give you a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your space.

Step 4. Build your funnel.

So, let’s say you have SEO going, right, and you have this traffic.

Starts with content, then you want to collect to email and you can collect to email through Hello Bar or any tool out there.

You want to create a lead magnet. You can’t just use these tools. You’ve got to actually have an offer. So, email in exchange for an ebook.

Then, once you have their email, drive them to a webinar. That webinar allows you to sell that product or service to those people.

You can also, for all the people who don’t convert in the webinar, follow up through an email sequence and sell them through text-based.

Step 5. Increase the lifetime value.

Most affiliates, drive conversions, they collect their money and they’re like, “Woo-hoo, that’s it.” Well, you already have that list. Why aren’t you continue selling to those people campaign after campaign?

Why aren’t you continually adding value to them and not always selling? So then that way when you have the next product to sell they’re more likely to buy cause you’ve helped them out. If you just sell to them every single week, eventually they’re going to drop off your list.

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  1. HI sir i am Your Subscriber You Make A Good vedio and good information sharing

    And My One Question

    I AM using Your All vedio Information Conver To Text and I am Publish On My Blog and You Any Issues Yes Or No Plz Tell Me IAM Wating your Reply

  2. Your videos are amazing 😉 I have a question i am not able to find any free images regarding my article. how can i insert images in article without purchasing it . My website is new if write 200 articles and each article will contain 1-20 images than it will become very costly. Can you tell me is there any way to place images in article without paying.?

  3. Hey Neil! I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I would really like to start an affiliate marketing business, and I'm not sure what to do, I just found your channel so I'll be sure to check out all your content, but is there any sort of action sequence or step by step process to generating sales as an affiliate marketer?

  4. Hi Neil, Is a (food) recipe blog a bad idea for affiliate marketing? If not, what can I promote in a food recipe blog where I'm sharing home cooking recipes.

  5. Thanks Sir for the video.
    Sir I have a question. Please reply.
    I want to start affiliate marketing and I have a saving of 50000 rs.
    But I am not good in content writing but willing to get written by other.
    I am afraid whether I will succeed or not as content is everything in this business.
    I know about seo.

  6. Hello Neil, Thanks for a great video. Now I wanna ask you this greenie question. Is it possible to create a web store and list products from another store like eBay or Amazon so that my visitors can click to be taken to the product checkout page on the original site then I get a commission on purchase…?

  7. Hello Neil. Thanks for your great tips, I have been able to make few sales using your methods. Please I'd like you to outsource some writing jobs to me, so that I can get some money to survive while building my affiliate marketing business. I created an upwork account but I haven't been able to get jobs there.

    Thanks in anticipation of your positive response.

  8. Really good advice regarding the products that sell on sites like JVZoo etc. Here's some advice for your followers, Neil: In my experience, books (as in hardbacks/paperbacks) don't sell through affiliates. Trust me on this one! Thanks as always.

  9. Hey Neil, your tips are usually really well made. I'm almost always confused as to why someone would dislike it. Anyway, keep blogging and you have been inspiring me to get started, keep pushing, and not give up on my online business, and wider entrepreneurial and investment dreams. Many many thanks!

  10. My best source has always been partnerships and consultancy clients. But felt that these sources aren’t enough, so I’m ‘working’ on my SEO on Youtube. Haven’t really created solid blog content right now. Also trying out webinars and webinar recordings. Thanks Neil, solid content you’ve got another new subscriber! 🙂

  11. Affiiliate marketing is my nemesis. Being in the personal development field I have such a hard time finding decent products to promote that will actually bring in a decent commission. As it stands now, Amazon books are selling but the commission is peanuts. I'm lucky if I make $10 a month. This was a great video! Thanx Neil.

  12. Using a funnel is the best way to go, building that list. A lot of the times, people don't buy on the first time around. When you lead with value first by giving them a free PDF for example,,, one, they are opting in to get the free piece of information, so you are winning right there. Then like you said, try to get them on a webinar through the invitation of email marketing…. But you must always lead with value! Great video Neil

  13. Hey Neil! You were much more calm and less loud in this video, fantastic!
    We always come back to your channel because you are a great source of great content.
    I always feel up to date after watching your videos or after listening to your podcast!

    I am starting out an affiliate website where I will be reviewing marketing courses and Ill be driving traffic through youtube and instagram (Im an e commerce manager who also what people to stay up to date on SEO).

    Do you have any top 3 short tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls when starting out?

  14. Great value as always Neil!

    I do agree on everything you say.

    Altough i think building your audience is the most difficult and time consuming part of the process.

    Is there a way to streamline the process of building an audience?

    In my opinion it takes about 2 years to have a big enough email list and a large enough audience to actually start selling products to or do affiliate marketing and get results.

    Is this true in your experience?

    Thanks in advance

  15. Hey Neil Love your content! I want to start a blog but i am confused in two things. I have friend who's a gym trainer which can sell more due to these strategies but, i on the other hand, love digital marketing (I am not an expert just started a month ago). What blog should i make then or should i make both on one website?

  16. Hi ! How much does it cost to upload the Affiliated program for us to generate income. People just talk about how good it is to sell your own product but the cost of creating a webpage and to do the business cost a lot of money. Here in MALAYSIA not many are well versed of such programs because they are not IT savvy especially middle management. What's your advice please? Thanks

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