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7 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Know

Video marketing campaigns have been buzzing all over social media platforms. This marketing strategy conveys product messages that people are often reluctant to find for themselves. As video content is becoming popular, marketers should take this opportunity to leverage their campaigns using this content format. But before jumping into video creation, be sure you execute […]

Get 1 Year of Secure Video Hosting for $49

So you’ve got your video marketing strategy all planned out. You’ve scripted the perfect message, shot some Oscar-worthy footage, and edited it to perfection with the latest production software. You’ve even targeted exactly which social media platform is likely to take it viral. And then, if you’re like millions of other first-time creators, you find out […]

The Best Video Marketing Guide For Startups

One of the toughest startup challenges you’ll face is working with a low budget. Marketing is necessary to build and connect with your audience. While there are a wide range of marketing strategies available, video marketing  has proven to be a worthwhile investment. According to Oberlo, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing […]

The Next Era of Video Is About Demand Gen

Video marketing is no longer just about brand awareness. A growing number of marketers are turning to video as an essential part of their demand generation programs, leveraging the attention it gets for more impactful performance marketing. So, how can you create content and distribution strategies that engage audiences and generate demand? Brightcove’s new ebook, […]