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Introducing Ecwid’s “Build Your Business” Academy

Listen to the newest episode of the Ecwid Ecommerce Show, featuring Josh Berkstresser, Education Strategy Manager at Ecwid. Josh is on the mic to share some exciting news: Ecwid is launching our very own “Build Your Business” Academy. This new platform will provide invaluable information for Ecwid sellers. The Ecwid Academy is designed to centralize the knowledge you need to run a successful online store. The goal, philosophy, and name of the academy are […]

Part 6 “What’s in a Domain?”

I’m back with another installment of my series on selling online as a beginner. If you’re new here, and haven’t seen my last articles (here they are!) here’s a quick summary: I’m Nicole, a content marketer at Ecwid and small business owner. My business partner, Kate, and I created a slow fashion brand called Bad Asta Vintage last summer. Since then, we’ve been using Ecwid’s interface to explore how to grow our business […]

10 New Ecwid Tools to Upgrade Your Social Selling, Payments, and Store Design

We know you’ve been waiting for it. So we’re happy to report it’s that time again—time to give you a rundown of the latest and greatest Ecwid feature updates! In this roundup of updates to Ecwid we’ve made in the past few months, we’re summarizing all the new tools we’ve created to up your selling game. This list is chock full of features to help you work with new sales channels, attract customers with even […]

7 Proven Instagram and Facebook Tips by Small Business Owners

Are you ready to put your social media selling strategy into action, and looking for some stories to inspire you as you take the next step? Or, maybe you’ve just started selling online and are looking for ideas on how other merchants have harnessed the power of social media to take their ecommerce game up a level. If you’re searching for information on how successful selling is done through social media, look no further […]

What is q-commerce? | Econsultancy

Fast delivery has always been part of a good retail customer experience, but now, a new wave of companies are making speed their USP. Q-commerce, which stands for ‘quick commerce’ – also known as on-demand or rapid delivery – refers to companies that deliver goods (typically groceries) in under an hour, or as quickly as […]