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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: A Know-it-all Guide

Image Courtesy: ©Rory Boon/Flickr The emergence of personal computers and smartphones has basically altered the way we search for information about trends and products online. Almost all our day-to-day choices are mostly influenced by the information we see via Facebook news feeds or Google searches. A 2017 survey showed that, on average, a person normally […]

How to Optimize your Google Ads this Black Friday

Autumn is well and truly here! The days are getting shorter, the wind is colder and Black Friday will soon be upon us. Over the years, Black Friday has become an increasingly important event for retailers and marketers alike. For PPC marketers, this means higher budgets, higher targets, and higher returns. But with this increase […]

5 Reasons SMEs Need Display Ads

Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels Display advertising is a marketing technique that has to do with delivering messages to an established audience of potential consumers instead of through mass media or direct sales. Display ads are a marketing tool that has proven to be successful for many businesses. With the right strategy, your business […]

Display Ads and Why Businesses Needs Them

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay Display ad, which is also known as banner advertising, is an effective type of PPC marketing. It is an online marketing method that passes commercial information through imagery, logos, animations, buttons, rich media, videos, or other graphics. This type of ad is mostly seen on websites and applications. Display […]

Master Bid Strategies: Google Search Ads 360

Many advertisers are moving to Google Search Ads 360 (SA 360) to more effectively automate and manage their paid advertising. SA 360 has a slew of features that either aren’t available in standard Google Ads accounts or are more sophisticated. One of the features that make SA 360 so powerful is its bid strategies. Similar […]

How To Use Facebook Messenger Ads To Grow Your Network

In the age of social media, internet users are shifting their attention to messengers. Other means of communication, like emails and phone conversations, have become less popular. This provides a new horizon for sponsored ads targeting customers directly. In response to the popularity of messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, businesses now contact users directly through […]