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Way too complicated for maybe a dozen webpages a year. Can’t believe Google Sites is unique to the internet and no other similar services are out there. I actually have a .com reserved for years at Godaddy. Could I do something there?

I also have a Photobucket account. Could I do it there or is that only for pictures?

If you have a domain name that you have with GoDaddy, a .com as you said, then having it point to your new webhosting space would be extremely easy. I’ll walk you through the basics.

Step 1: Find any provider that you’d like. I’d suggest finding a webhost that has servers in the same country as you and your visitors. It sounds like you may have some questions along the way, and that’s okay, but not every service provider is the same in regards to support so maybe send them a pre-sales message and see if they get back to you promptly and speak clearly and in a way that you understand.

Step 2: Place your order with whoever you chose. The order process is pretty standardized across the industry and will likely ask for a domain name to be associated with the account. This is where you can enter the domain name you bought from GoDaddy.

Step 3: You’ll receive details on how to access your new account. You should update your domain name’s “nameservers” with GoDaddy to the ones provided to you by your new web hosting provider. Afterwards, you can then use a FTP program like FileZilla to connect to your webhosting space to upload the HTML documents that @bear mentioned in his post. Alternatively, you can also use the site builder that many providers have coupled in with their control panel to build something fresh.

Step 4: Sell some cars.

It may sound intimidating if you’ve never done anything like this before but most providers are more or less “set and forget” after you’ve gotten setup, especially for a static HTML website like yours.

Good luck!

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