Social Media Marketing In 2019 (Your Perfect Strategy)

Social Media Marketing In 2019 (Your Perfect Strategy)

Want to have the perfect social media marketing strategy for 2019? In this video, John Lincoln covers some of the most important factors for social media marketing. It is important to consider things like your community building strategy, your performance advertising strategy, your social media campaign strategy and more. When thinking about your social media marketing strategy, make sure you focus on these important points. Social media marketing is now really about creativity that cuts through the clutter and social media advertising.
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  1. 1. Follow your competitor's followers (draft a strategy)
    eg: want to be seen as top of mind for customers

    2. Advertising (custom and direct eg: Linkedin, Facebook)
    – Community building, Performance Based Marketing (conversion through funnel), Creative Campaigns

    3. Social Media Campaigns – something creative each quarter, eg: WooBox software

    4. Ongoing Content Strategy – something followers can expect for each day of the week, think of how connects back to your blog/content marketing

    5. Public Relations/Influencer Marketing – tap into local communities and established organizations

    Fundamental tactics: contests, quality content, interact with important people in industry

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these very precious tips! I took notes while watching your video and I'm going to plan my marketing differently this year! Thanks again!

  3. Hi John, I love this, and your number one big tip is community building, ''engagement'', so here I am, commenting on your channel, subscribing, and it's FREE!
    Love the organic growth and mutual support (hint hint, I have a channel you can subscribe too)
    I'm sharing everything about living abroad around the world, and creating that free lifestyle. Also, thanks to great social media strategies that I'm sharing too.

    Happy Journey,

  4. I've been running an accountants social media. I feel like it's so hard to gain followers for this type of industry, especially if the accountant wants very specific people targeted. This video helps a lot. Thank you.

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