Review: HostMantis – Being sneaky about not paying their affiliate

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Pick your battles. And don’t panic.
“A few days ago” was the weekend. Give it a few working days.

Sharing that ticket link publicly was probably not the best idea.

“A few days ago” was about 7, as of today. My 1st ticket was a week ago (Monday). Only my 2nd was this weekend.

I am not worried about it. Nothing of presumed value was on the ticket. My name is a common name (very common). The IP address is a VPN. And the e-mail is going bye-bye, I have been using ProtonMail for the past few months, but am dissatisfied with their changes. Lastly, if you had Google’d it, you’d end up with this fat, white, old dude (including one of him when he was younger). I am not him, I’m not old, I’m not fat, and I’m not white. I presume maybe he had the e-mail years before I did or had a similar screen name. Don’t know. Lastly, I am presuming the whole thing is a loss at this point.

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