Recommended Type of Host for Social Network Website

Hi there. I am wondering what kind of host is recommended for an ideally growing social network site that uses buddypress (social network software) as well as bbpress (forum software)?

Buddypress makes use of a lot of dynamic content (activity streams, private messaging, etc) and is very database intensive. So I’m trying to decide on whether I should go with a VPS, Cloud VPS, or a Dedicated Server — whichever I pick will be Fully Managed (as I do not know how to run a server).

Opinions apparently vary, but one of the important concerns seems to be that Buddypress (because it is a social network) can have a lot of spikes in resource use based on concurrent users increasing.

For this reason, Cloud VPS hosting seems to be recommended for easy scalability; however, many hosting providers assert that even on a traditional VPS/dedi, scaling to a newer server isn’t a big deal and only takes few minutes and a reboot (although I am not sure how true this is in practice?)

I do notice that I can find traditional VPS’ and dedicated servers sometimes significantly cheaper than cloud hosting.

Really, I just want the site to be able run smoothly and be able to be upgraded if needed without issue.

Just browsing some websites that I liked, I noticed around $100 a month can get me:

Cloud VPS ($80/month): 2 Cores, 80GB SSD, 4TB Bandwidth, 4GB RAM

VPS: ($70/month) 6 Cores, 300GB SSD, 15TB Bandwidth, 24GB RAM

Dedicated Servers ($110/month): E3-1270v5 (4 cores), 500 GB SSD Space, 15TB Bandwidth, 5 IPv4 + /64 IPv6

Since I’m not knowledgeable in server tech, I’m not sure which type is most appropriate for my use case (Cloud VPS, VPS, Dedicated) and whether the specific servers above are decent for my kind of site (hoping to grow fairly quickly)?

Any help is appreciated

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