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I’ve noticed in other forums that any discussion questioning google’s policies (behavior) are met with disapproval – particularly if any facts surface that cause google to look less than how they’d like people to see them – as some did here (ironically coming straight from google’s mouth).

Alphabet/Google does plenty of anti-consumer stuff.

But we don’t need to invent nonsense to rant about. The ideas revolving around “neighborhoods”, IPs, etc, are too often butchered by people that don’t truly understand how the internet works — aka many “SEO experts”.

I take notice when somebody screams ‘conspiracy’. It usually means the conversion is getting close to the truth.

That’s just pathetic. This is why politics is in such a sorry state.

You want facts? Read this: IEEE isn’t a silly little forum post, rant blog, or ridiculous “SEO site”.

Learn to vet your sources. None of this “I’ve got suspicions ” or “I think” BS. To semi-quote a movie: “Facts, MF’er, do you have them?” (Pulp Fiction)

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