Mass email service – 500K monthly, 1K hourly

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to send mass emails to paying customers (notifications, re-schedules etc.).

So no email marketing nonsense.

Volume used right now is 500 emails per hour.

I’d prefer to be able to send up to 1,000 per hour, but that’s not a deal breaker.

Monthly volume is up to 500,000 emails (usually half of that).

API option (to make the application create a list based on criteria and send it to the service, having the service then worry about delivery, during the following hours).

Urgency is not crucial, transactional emails are handled separately.

This is for notifications that should arrive within the first day or two since they are sent (preferably on the same day).


As low as possible to allow for a decent quality stable service.

Sendgrid ask for about $90 for 200K per month, with a dedicated IP.

Wouldn’t mind paying less, but if it costs more – then it costs more, what can you do?

Sendgrid service is something I’d avoid based on my recent experience.

Can anyone recommend a decent solution?

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