MANIPULATED, TRICKED, BRAINWASHED.. moving past a social media addiction

MANIPULATED, TRICKED, BRAINWASHED.. moving past a social media addiction

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  1. A year later are you using it more or less now or still the same? 🙂

    I'm intrigued by the way it consumes people and the way all the apps are screaming for attention to everyone. Sometimes it's funny see someone unconsciously picking up their phone because it vibrates, looking at the screen almost robot like and putting it away not even knowing they just looked at their phones.

    Sometimes it scares me too and sometimes it's horrifying even.

    I don't use any social media accept YouTube, don't even have (or ever had) WhatsApp or facebook I have a Twitter account but look at it once a month and have 1 follower, my girlfriend. 😁

    I get an opportunity to see Facebook every once in awhile and I just can't comprehend what the attraction is, after 15 minutes it just feels so pointless

  2. Yeah, YouTube takes up all of my passive time. Whether me posting content or watching content. However, most of what I watch is educational. Or it is watching Casey take a first class flight to another country! Haha Thanks Casey… Love your channel.

  3. Watched Casey a few years back before I new how poplar he was . The video was something about salt flats , racing? , filming at the salt flats . He liked what the salt did to his glasses , so he painted & copied the look. I liked it so much I did the same thing to my cheap $20. sun glasses. They look great . I do hate those style of Ray Bans & I'll never pay more then 30 bucks for glasses because of the work I do. Zinsser water base primer is the best.

  4. If you work rediculously hard for your money, no disrespect, how do you justify purchasing and then de-facing a pair of luxury sunglasses. For some reason this just bothers me. 🙁

  5. Another consideration is feeding the constantly scanning brain. It's an evolutionary pattern, but it's lost much of it's usefulness. It results in scattered and misdirected attention and the inability to have a still and quiet awareness when you want it. Rather than directing your attention, it is directing you.

  6. I discovered Youtube a month or so ago and have given up watching TV 6 hours a day 7 days a week. Now I study different things that actually relate to my life, like how to discover if a car battery is slowly draining, how to build cabinets and drawers and cabinet doors in a variety of styles (getting ready to make new kitchen), how to install a steering stabilizer on my motor home (did it), how to solve problems with my motor home not starting (fixed it), how to install a transfer switch for shore power (did it), how to install crown molding (soon), which glues to use for various purposes, how to read the dot code on tires (needed for motorhome), how to make tamales, how to make chili rellenos, how to make enchiladas, how to de-rust cast iron skillets, where to camp for free in a motor home, what problems different motor home camping organizations have, best internet hook-ups for mobile use nation-wide, which synthesizers are still good to use and what is new in that world, publishing words and music, tablesaw tricks and uses, double-slit experiments, sourdough starter, chili recipes, scarf joints, best batteries for off-grid systems, state residence for full-time rv dwellers, troubleshooting starter relays and solenoids (used it successfully), plus tons of just interesting stuff. I spend about 3 hours each day on youtube but the rest of the day I'm using this information or doing other work on my property and vehicles plus I write, record and edit music about 10 hours per week, walk my dogs and cat 8 to 10 times each day, watch an hour of TV with my wife who just retired and hasn't found her new passion to get her off the couch. I've never used twitter or instagram so I'm glad to hear about the experiences of someone who overdid them and their resolution of the problem that they became. I truly believe that youtube is one of the most important creations of humans. It gives anybody who knows something or does something the ability to potentially share their knowledge and experience to the entire human population. This is education on a previously unaccomplishable scale and education as it always should have been. It's better than books. It has surpassed books. If school classes were done with youtube, people would be better educated for the reality of their lives.

  7. we are absorbing more info than ever before. g👀gletube collects everything about us every single one of us by using "artificial" intelligence as an unregulated platform to spy on us 24/7. our info is profitible.. the monopolization of privacy.. new world order is here, the matrix isnt science fiction anymore. the only way to have privacy is to destroy our devices.. this isnt a consipracy theory anymore.. my $500 ipad is worst than a type writer because i have everything turned off and every hidden excuse to collect personal data off.. after seeing in "terms of service" how google knows where were are 24/7 "for our protection" i turned off location service.. i ignored popups to turn location services on for a couple weeks. Then i noticed my cell had got my location from a "web page". so i looked into it.. "siri" went int into my bookmarks, got my ip from a bookmarked web page and traced my ip to my current location so my location still shows up.. location services is still "off".. btw your cell records our locations while we travel regardless of how it appears: turned off, in airplane mode, no sim card.. it records very personal data and sends it to "thecloud". there is no such thing ss artificial intelligence.

  8. I also remember in school girls would leave a single ❤ drew on a piece of paper on my desk but no clue who it would be funny now social media uses ❤ s but its not the same social interaction.

  9. I remember growing up in school girls walk up to you and give you a folded up piece of paper with two boxes yes or no check do you like me? Ahh the good old days.

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