Law Firm Digital Marketing: Tips for Success in these 5 Areas of Law

Law Firm Digital Marketing: Tips for Success in these 5 Areas of Law

Law Firm Digital Marketing: Tips for Success in these 5 Areas of Law

Digital marketing has changed the way that law firms attract new clients. The days of listing legal services in the phonebook being a valuable tactic are over. Traditional marketing still does have a place when it comes to promoting law firms. Different areas of law will require different tactics as a personal injury law firm will likely have more marketing budget than a firm that handles civil rights cases. Below are tips for success in a variety of areas of law when it comes to digital marketing.


Divorce laws differ immensely by state which is something a law firm should highlight in their content marketing campaigns. Divorce is a stressful time so the website should be informative while providing comfort. Ranking at the top of the search engines is going to be very important especially in areas that are saturated with firms that specialize in divorce. Child custody cases can also be taken by plenty of these firms but not all offer family law. Take the time to turn the firm’s blog into a resource that will continually attract organic traffic due to answering a common question on divorce.


Bankruptcy attorneys can be a huge help to their clients who are in a terrible place financially. Listing out the options on the firm’s website for different forms of bankruptcy to file is important. A person is going to research their options, but explaining the different avenues clearly on the website can help convert a website user into a new client. Content on the liquidation of assets or dissolution of partnerships can attract traffic in the desired client demographic.

Personal Injury

Finding a personal injury attorney is as easy as doing a quick Google search. Creating top content and investing in PPC is going to be paramount. The conversions from marketing can be immensely profitable so this niche of law has firms spending immense amounts. Most people are unaware of their rights when they have been injured which needs to be addressed on the website. Case results should also be listed on the website as a large settlement for another client can lead to multiple new clients using the firm.


Criminal law attorneys will want to market themselves as knowledgeable and experienced in the local area. Working with prosecutors daily allows an attorney to develop a relationship and can lead to far better plea deals. Content should be created around the types of crimes that the attorney specializes in. There are DUI lawyers that stick to just driving-related offenses while others know domestic violence laws in and out. A potential client is going to pick a firm that they can trust as their freedom could depend on it.


Employment law is all about keeping potential clients informed on laws and their rights as an employee. Wrongful termination suits can be extremely profitable for an employee that feels like they were discriminated against for one reason or another. Listing out the paperwork and forms of proof that can be collected if a person feels their employment rights are being violated can be important. Far too many unethical employees try to hide all proof if they know they are in the wrong. Gathering the proof is going to be far easier when working at the company than after you have been terminated. Hosting a podcast on the different scenarios that an employee might face is a great way to create an in-depth piece of useful content. Commenting on social media and engaging with followers can convert but being wrongfully terminated isn’t as common as a criminal charge or car accident.

Digital marketing is here to stay and the legal industry continues to become more competitive than ever. Do not let your firm fall behind due to not utilizing the newest digital marketing tactics that deliver results!

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