Is Google Ads Worth It? How to Know If Google Ads Can Help Your Business

Google advertising revenue contributed to 83.3% of the total revenue by Alphabet in 2019. With more people using the platform to advertise their brands, it’s no brainer that Google is a force to reckon with. Surprisingly, many business owners are never sure whether it is worth going the Google Ads way.

If you’re in this category of business owners, you’re sure missing out on unmatched opportunities for increased traffic, sales, and brand awareness. Like any advertising approach, Google Ads can have a negative ROI. However, the successes outweigh the downsides.

So, is Google Ads worth it, or are they a waste of resources? Read this article to know if Google Ads is the right fit for your business.

Fast Results 

Most digital marketers opt for PPC to get quick results. It wouldn’t be surprising to start a Google campaign today and earn within two days. New companies can mainly get returns on investments within a short time.

Unlike other advertising approaches where the traffic takes months to show, Google Ads can be quite fast in generating a conversion. However, you need to be familiar with how the platform works for you to benefit.

To enjoy the instantaneous results, you’ll need to be conversant with target keywords. Have a daily budget and a clear ad message. Within a day of launching the campaign, you’re likely to get sales. 

If you have ready landing pages, ad copies, and exceptional products, Google Ads is worth every investment. The traffic you’ll get over time will be overwhelming.

Track Results With Google Ads

The tracking capability is what sets Google apart from other advertising tools. Google Analytics helps to increase conversion. It optimizes your product descriptions and site. 

More importantly, Google Analytics will track the behaviors of visitors on your site, which will guide you in making modifications for your campaigns. If the campaign is not performing as per your expectations, you can make changes. These statistics often cover the conversion rate, advert position, and average CPC, among other variables.

Tracking ROI will save you the frustration of trying to guess how your campaigns are performing. You can read more about Google Ads to know how they work to your advantage. With more insights, you’ll be able to answer the query ‘is Google Ads worth it?’

Focus on Niche or Local Markets With Google Ads 

Local businesses with an online presence can gain significantly from Google Ads. The increasing internet use has made it possible for consumers to search for products in the comfort of their homes. Once they search, they visit a store that’s closer to their location.

With local Google Ads, you’ll be sure to reach consumers within your area of operation. It would help to have contact details for a potential client to call when they want more information. Paying attention to the geographic range is a great way to ensure that you’re not competing with international brands while there’s enough market at the local level. 

Google Ads further cater to niche-markets with the use of keywords. You can pinpoint a particular audience in an approach that’s more targeting. The specification allows you to reach the right people.


When you visit a site and leave without taking action, you’ll be seeing ads from the page, mostly on Google search. Cookies for you! Advertisers retarget customers, and you’ll be seeing products from a site you visited even if it wasn’t intentional.

For marketers, retargeting is one of the pros one gets from Google Ads. Retargeting can prompt a site visitor to click the site once again, and this time around, inquiring more or purchasing a product is highly likely. You’ll have to pay extra for the retargeting, but be sure to get more sales.

If someone had visited your site to know more about your products, retargeting would remind them about your website. Your business will be familiar to them, and when they decide to make a purchase, you’ll be the first option.

Benefit From Mobile Optimization 

Did you know that about 51% of the world’s population use smartphones to access the internet? The figure should interest you as a business owner. Mobile devices have brought a pool of opportunities for businesses with an online presence.  

More people are using phones to search for products, and positioning yourself the right way will give you unmatched traffic. Google Ads are big on mobile optimization. You can target with either image ads or text.

Your campaign setting will give you options on the devices you want to be discoverable. Choose ‘All’ to ensure that one can find you on a computer or mobile device. If you choose the mobile devices option, the optimization will be quite notable.

Have Multiple Campaigns With Google Ads

Are Google Ads worth the money? Well, given that you can have several campaigns, it is worth every investment. It is possible to have different marketing objectives for your ad campaigns. Google Ads got your back! 

If you have a financial consulting firm, you can market your consultancy services and other related offers, such as insurance sales. You can have different campaigns for the services. After that, have ad groups for each of the campaign, where you’ll have specific keywords for the categories.

Your results for each of the campaigns will be most likely different. You’ll modify each of the campaigns to get the best results. The whole concept seems quite complex, but once you get your feet in, you’ll be setting up your campaigns like a pro!

The Query ‘Is Google Ads Worth It’ Should No Longer Be a Dilemma

Challenges in comprehending Google Ads make some business owners doubt its effectiveness. Admittedly, not all Google Ads campaigns are successful. You might end up wasting money if you don’t know how to make the best of Google Ads.

So, is Google Ads worth it? Absolutely! Google has endless benefits for your online businesses. Google Ads can make your business rank higher from increased traffic to attracting local customers than you could ever imagine.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Ads, work with an expert. The ROI you get will be worth every buck you spend. 

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