Implement This INSTANT Strategy For Affiliate Marketing (MAKE MONEY TODAY 💰)

Implement This INSTANT Strategy For Affiliate Marketing (MAKE MONEY TODAY 💰)

Want to know one of the strategies that I’ve used to become the #1 Affiliate Marketer on Clickbank?

I’m literally GIVING IT AWAY in this video.

(I know, I can’t believe it either)

This is strategy is GOLD & has helped me make well over 7 figures online with affiliate marketing.


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  1. "0:19"
    Yeah I've been getting paid daily with p p l o n c a s h . x y z
    I'm making over $1013 a week with them!

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  3. Hello, let me tell you my honest and transparent history about this people.

    I bough commission hero, as soon as I paid, even before I get a welcome email from them, I already got an email selling private coaching. To make things worse, when you start to watch the videos, they star to tell you that you need to buy Clickfunnel, another $97 PER MONTH!. Why they don’t tell you this things before you buy the course?

    Also they say you have a 14 days money back guarantee. Lie again, as soon as you watch the first video, you lose your right to get your refund, in case you want it. They claim that if you access the course, you can’t have your money back! But tell me, how a student will be able to find out if the course is good, if they like the content, if it’s the right thing for them without at least accessing few videos? The whole thing is well designed so you can’t get your money back and they wont give a fuck about you! No wonder why Robby is a millionaire by now.

    On Clickbank majority of the courses sold there have a 30 to 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, why Commission Hero doesn’t apply by the same rules?

    Than you will have to spend on average $20 per DAY on Facebook ads, just to get your account shutdown, yes, you will also lose more money for Facebook and get your account shutdown.

    When you think you will start to make some money, you’re wrong, you will just lose it. Mean while, they don’t give a damm about you!

    So guys, don’t waste your time and money with this people, just go and find some real, professional, honest courses out there. DON’T BUY COMMISSION HERO, you will regret it, FOR SURE!

  4. I was try to promote clickbank product on my social Media such as Facebook and Instagram but I could not get success till now.. even I was used to promote few free Ad posting site as but not get proper response. Can you please help me about step by step. Basically I am bigner in affiliate marketing. This is Ajay Pal from india.

  5. Hello Robby,

    its Aqib Here,
    So robby i was Really Blown up to see those Results from you on Clickbank, i'd thank you for Giving me Great Tips on How to do affiliate marketing on Clickbank with Facebook Ads,
    Soo myself as a newbie on clickbank i was just trying way out how shall i promote Products but didnt make any successfull Comissions untill now , Soo robby i have Some Questions regardless i'm a student of 22years, With having No Budget of whatsoever if i could have afforded i would be the 1st Person to invest my money to you for my Successfull Career, So here's my questions:

    1)So after investing to you and i'm having Complete ZERO Knowledge on FB-Ads and also as you said i'm Taking Money From Paypal Credit now,

    Soo am i Able to return that Money to paypal within Six Months from Profit i get from FB-Ads ?

    2) And After taking this step of Success Challenge will i get Money to Pay Your Second Installment Also after ONE MONTH ?

  6. I promote my products in Facebook group but didn't get even a sale till now since 2018 I don't know if why can you please help me about the best traffic sources though I don't have a website

  7. How does the tax to be paid work in the country you click-banking from? i.e. most of the products are American but if you situated globally and not in the states , what is the protocol for the TAX arrangement , so are you liable for tax in the states or how would it work locally in the country you are in ?

  8. Great, Great, Great, You know I heard it several times before and I always thought that the Group owners won't allow me to do it. I'm going to try it and let you know my results. Thanks a lot.

  9. Some Ok ideas but many facebook groups are looking down on any kind of cross promotion. Also I really don’t want to sell to my family and friends on Facebook. There’s so many people that do that… It becomes very annoying

  10. Hi Robby, do you set a new Facebook page up for each niche? E.g. If you sell something for relationships, would you create a new facebook page with a relevant name, and then create a new page if you sell a social media product? Or do you just post on one page for all the different niches you sell?

  11. Robby, you have just answered my question from the last video I watched from your channel. Only thing is I would have to buy the particular product that I'm going to promote and make a video of it, so that I can post it in my Facebook profile or in FB groups. Thanks for the new video.

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