How to turn all your social media accounts into one landing page

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Better promote your brand with help from a tool like Focal.Bio Pro (not pictured).
Better promote your brand with help from a tool like Focal.Bio Pro (not pictured).

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TL;DR: Grow your online presence with a lifetime subscription to Instagram bio link builder Focal.Bio Pro for $48.99, an 82% savings as of June 19.

Instagram is a great way to promote a brand or personality. Most people can agree, however, that the social media app has got one major shortcoming: Photo captions don’t link. It’s super annoying, especially when you want to point your followers somewhere. And what if you’re creating great music on Spotify, Tweeting out pure gold every hour on the hour, and sharing important updates on your Facebook page? It’s virtually impossible for your followers to get a full-spectrum picture of what you do in one place.

Luckily, there’s a way to build a link that can direct your followers to everything and anything you want to promote about yourself or your brand. Focal.Bio is a program that creates a single link for promoting your entire social media presence. Here’s how it works in their words:

While a lifetime pass to the tool would usually cost you $285, it be can be yours for less than $50 with this limited time deal. This is an especially worthy deal for aspiring influencers, social media managers, brands, and those of you who just want to let the world enjoy your sparkly self. You can create an unlimited number of bio pages in your dashboard, adding your logo, other social media accounts, and videos, plus you can link to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Focal.Bio even includes some analytics data to help you get a better understanding of who’s visiting your pages and clicking your links. So if you want to cater your content to a specific audience, you’ll finally have the info you need to do so.

A lifetime subscription to Focal.Bio is a steal for social media gurus. Get a lifetime pass for $48.99 and you’ll get it at 82% off.

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