How to Market a Restaurant on Social Media

How to Market a Restaurant on Social Media

In todays day and age you can directly market to people through direct messages on social media. Finding 50 people with the biggest Instagram following in your city, and direct messaging each one individually offering a free meal at your restaurant will generate an enormous amount of word of mouth for your restaurant that you would have never had the chance to create otherwise.

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  1. 3 things and thats all you need 1 good food 2 reasonable prices and 3 quick In n out burger has a few items hamburg cheeseburger and double cheeseburger and fries and drinks but they always have a line a good presentation is very important my products people put in their social media without me asking them to because its a wow factor and the flavor and my 3 criteria is crucial after 1 year you don't need to advertise

  2. The Story is KEY!!!: Imagine watching the food network. You're watching someone cook for their family in their kitchen! You're not continuing to watch because of the food. You're reacting to the story of the chef and his/her family! Great Video!

  3. That was an insightful video on the importance of digitally advertising a restaurant. there are many websites today that help you promote your restaurant online.I came across one such website which is called MediaQart which has a very easy user interface that helps you promote your restaurant online by targeting the right audience and location,I recommend you guys checking it out

  4. You know an interview is good when you keep checking how much longer it has to run… hoping all the time you are only halfway through it! Thank you Gary – again. Not only inspirational but so solid and so practical. Gotta love this guy! Agree entirely ( and we are in the UK too ) with Anna's Cottage …what a dream duo indeed!

  5. Jon Taffer has the best book out there for opening a bar. It’s called Raise the Bar. Highly recommended for any of you interested in opening a bar or restaurant.

  6. Do these guys even work in social media marketing, for restaurants? This is awful advice. Posting 4 times on Instagram a day will drive down the amount of people who are seeing your posts due to Instagram and Facebook's algorithms that don't want any one page to be posting too much. This is also what people used to do in 2010-2013 and Facebook started this algorithm and became a pay to play platform. He has to spend money on local ads via Facebook (which it sounds like he is already doing) and continue doing so. As it relates to instagram, restaurants need to turn their restaurants into instagrammable locations so that the people coming in will take pictures of them selves there. This whole bullshit about be filmed every day by a high school intern–have you ever had a high school intern who can film, direct, edit, write copy? Good luck finding that person–it's not feasible. Those things cost a lot of money.

  7. I'm delighted to watch the show from Dubai. it was indeed a very good advise not only to Mr. Chandler but also to our restaurant business here in this part of the world. I'm totally subscribing to your channel. More power and now an avid fan here.

  8. Where is the double-like button on this?

    I'm not even in the restaurant business, but I can still utilize the ideas mentioned and use them in another business.

    Thanks guys


  9. @12:42, John says give out 100 coupons for a rib dinners to customers that have never been to your restaurant. How do you know if they’ve ever been to your restaurant while you’re giving away free coupons?

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