How 3 Insurance Companies Are Using Marketing Automation to Stand Out

Kyle McCarthy
Kyle McCarthy


Good marketing takes a lot of work as it is, but folks in the insurance market really have their work cut out for them when it comes to providing prospective and existing policyholders with personalized marketing efforts that match their needs.

Many insurance organizations, big and small, are dealing with disconnected marketing systems and have to spend a great portion of their time completing manual tasks before their efforts ever see the light of day. This makes it difficult to even start thinking about enhancing their strategy and growing their efforts at scale. 

Marketing Automation for Insurance Companies

The quest for better marketing has led many insurance professionals to adopt marketing automation, and they’ve been able to significantly revamp their marketing strategy as a result. Unlike more basic email marketing tools, marketing automation allows insurance industry marketers to build a robust marketing stack that enables them to launch personalized efforts that result in more enjoyable and effective customer journeys. 

Insurance companies that implement this technology are able to easily develop and launch multi-channel campaigns that: 

  • Attract and convert new policyholders
  • Promote engagement, retention, and growth within their existing customer base
  • Eliminate manual processes and streamline workflows
  • Match leads and customers with the appropriate content and resources
  • Equip agents with the insights they need to close more deals

These benefits might sound too good to be true, but they describe some of the milestones your insurance industry peers have been able to achieve with marketing automation. We can go on and on about the wonders of marketing automation, but it’s much easier to show you the benefits of this technology through real-world examples. 

Today we’re going to show you how three Act-On customers have leveraged this powerful technology to stand out from the crowd in and see results!

RSA Insurance Enhances Their Email to Stand Out in the Inbox

RSA Insurance is one of the oldest and most well-known insurance providers in the world and are dedicated to serving individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Despite being well-known in the industry, this insurance powerhouse’s UK unit was struggling to break through the noise of the inbox to reach their target audience, which consisted of brokers and risk managers. 

In addition, RSA had no way of determining which contacts had opened their emails and lacked very little visibility into their results. This made it very difficult for the organization to track their campaign ROI and enhance their efforts to improve audience engagement. 

All of this changed when RSA began leveraging marketing automation. The insurance giant has upped their game and is using Act-On to design and A/B test their emails, create automated campaigns and landing pages, and measure their impact. 

This has allowed RSA to: 

  • Achieve open rates 18-20 percent above the industry average
  • Easily design engaging emails that make a great impression
  • Enhance their email efforts thanks to better visibility into results
  • Easily comply with GDPR

Physicians Insurance Launches Targeted Campaigns to Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

Physicians Insurance tested the waters with Constant Contact and Mailchimp, but neither of these solutions had the features and tools they needed to provide their audience with targeted communications. These solutions forced the team at Physicians Insurance to manually perform tasks such as segmentation, which was a process that required a lot of time and effort and was prone to error –– leaving the company far short of achieving their marketing goals.

Implementing marketing automation has enabled Physicians Insurance to dream big and innovate their marketing strategy. Physicians Insurance is leveraging Act-On to segment their audience by their job title, specialty, geographic region, and even the size of their organization. With these lists in place, the company is able to improve the engagement of their monthly newsletters because they’re now designed to match their audience with resources and content that fit their needs and interests. 

The insurance company was also able to connect Act-On with their instance of Sugar CRM to consolidate their progress and eliminate the manual transfer of data. 

These combined efforts have empowered the organization to: 

  • Achieve email open rates as high as 31% for existing clients
  • Keep their customer retention rate above 95%.
  • Connect their MarTech stack to streamline processes
  • Consolidate data to make more informed decisions

Meyer and Associates Easily Markets Insurance Products to Over 100 Alumni Groups

It’s widely known that personalized marketing that resonates with your audience will yield better results. Although that was the goal for Meyer and Associates, providing their audience with the level of personalization they needed to make informed decisions turned out to be an overwhelming lift. 

The broker and “third-party administrator” faced the unique challenge of marketing its insurance products to over 100 alumni associations, often having to coordinate with the colleges and universities on messaging and timing. If that wasn’t difficult enough, Meyer and Associates was finding that their emails were being blocked by ISPs and not reaching their audience’s inbox. 

The company had previously used ESPs such as Constant Contact and Mailchimp, but they knew they needed a more robust and holistic solution to overcome their marketing challenges and provide their audience with a targeted and enjoyable customer journey.

Act-On not only equipped Meyer and Associates with powerful marketing tools, but our organization’s deliverability team also worked with them to fix their email reputation and improve their email marketing performance and results. With marketing automation, Meyer and Associates has been able to develop a lead scoring model that enables them to understand their customers place in the buying journey to deliver a more enjoyable and relevant customer experience. Best of all, they can now easily segment their lists, send automated emails, and measure the performance of their marketing efforts for consistent optimization and improvement. 

All these benefits combined have empowered Meyer and Associates to: 

  • Gain access to insights that help them shape and enhance their marketing strategy
  • Achieve open rates that exceed industry averages
  • Easily send different versions of tailored emails to their various marketing segments

Act-On Is Designed to Empower Insurance Marketers to Get the Best Results

Insurance marketing isn’t easy, which is why our team is dedicated to providing your business with powerful technology to help you easily launch personalized multi-channel campaigns that empower you to achieve your marketing goals. 

If you’d like to learn more about how marketing automation can help your insurance business overcome common industry challenges, we invite you to download our eBook, 5 Marketing Challenges Facing Insurance Brokerages

If you’re ready to talk business and want to see our platform in action, please schedule a demo with one of our marketing automation experts. They can show you how Act-On’s marketing automation solution can solve your current marketing challenges and even share a few tactics you can implement to get even better results.

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