Horrific (Lack of) Support from Liquid Web

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I was a Nexcess customer literally since day 1, and their support was for the most part excellent, but since the LiquidWeb acquisition, support has been an absolute joke. It typically takes several weeks to get an “actual” response (i.e. beyond auto-gen’d or “we’ll look into it”) even if it’s an urgent, site-is-down type situation. I cannot comprehend how such a company can exist – am I unique in my experience, or is this just LW’s MO?

This has to be a nonsense fake complaint from a 1-post newbie nobody.

The LiquidWeb acquisition happened 2 years ago (2019), and was more like an actual merger than your normal EIG-style hosting buyout.

Furthermore, Nexcess before LW wasn’t the original Nexcess. There was an M&A with Futurehosting some years before it (2012), which merged lots of operations.

It was actually Nexcess that sought the expansion into VPS, it wasn’t really LiquidWeb seeking a niche Magento host. Since the LiquidWeb merged, Nexcess is now offering WordPress and others, no longer just Magento. So they’ve expanded operations, even as a largely separate entity within the LiquidWeb family.

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Well, that is a normal, natural way in business, bigger the company become less interest in customers they have,

Complete BS. That’s not what usually happens.

Sometimes, yes, final outcome is that, when the company sucks. In hosting world, that’s EIG. In other industries, other companies like this exist. But in general, M&A is far smoother, and has ultimately better outcomes for the companies and customers alike. (Off-topic, but some of the “synergy” mergers are also bombs, like AOL Time Warner. Everything breaks apart for both the companies and customers.)

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Haven’t used LW so can’t comment

I’ve used LW for years. Easily one of the best hosts out there.

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Its actually normal as you can see in the case of EIG Companies. Each Company had excellent Rating before they Acquired them.

It’s not normal. EIG is an aberration, unusual, often downright damned unethical, sometimes illegal (example: SEC caught them BS’ing financials), which is why it’s talked about so often. EIG is a horrible operation, and not the norm in hosting, or even non-hosting.

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The mods aren’t LiquidWeb staff (at least, that I know of).

Correct, WHT is a LW customer, not staff or employees. Likely with a sweetheart deal, thus the banner ads.

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Hosting is a critical business. Several weeks of support delay is a NO NO especially if your sites are totally down.
You need to plan for your next move instead of sticking your head there.

I’m not convinced the complaint is even valid, as it’s factually wrong. While I would agree that moving is often ideal, it’s NOT the case when you’re using a known-good host. More often, when a good host is “bad”, it’s a PEBKAC error with the customer, often demanding a host be their hand-holding support for anything online (“help me, Gugle is down!”, “my emails no worky”, etc)

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I thought liquid web was a good host with hero support blah blah blah. I guess not !

It is.

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Yep. Tickets, chat, phone — but ticket is best (to me, at least), unless server-down issues (chat). It’s such a waste of time to say “ache-tee-tee-pee” etc on the phone, save phone for less technical issues.

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