Hey Steve: She’s Not Posting Me On Social Media || STEVE HARVEY

Hey Steve: She’s Not Posting Me On Social Media || STEVE HARVEY

He’s been with his girlfriend for over a year, but she hasn’t posted anything about him on social media. How can he feel like she values him?

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  1. I would never post a guy on my social media until we are married. Until we are married you are temporary potentially and I wouldn’t “claim” anything temporary. If he wants to “claim” something then he should marry her.

  2. If this was switched and he wasn’t posting her and he gave the response she did he would say he liked the answer he’d say the guy was playing games or seeing someone else on the side

  3. Let me tell you…if a girl doesn’t post pictures of you saying you’re her boyfriend, it’s cause there’s another guy. You’re her rebound guy in case the first one doesn’t work out.

  4. He's chasing her. Very bad dynamic. It will only works out if she is chasing him. I don't see a future for them. Men should be concentrating on getting their lives together, not chasing women.

  5. That's the problem. Show off". When you already have someone you love and feel happy with you don't need the entire world to approve you. It's a mattter of family and friends. They know each others and that's all. They are dating. Plus is a 1year dating. Why the need of" show off"?! If he wants her to show him of then he better marry her. Plus having privacy from social network is not that bad. The evil eyes is real people.

  6. i feel like if she didn't introduce him to her family and friends AND didn't post him on social media, then that's a concern. But some people are more private on social media and that's actually a good thing

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