Guide to Web Hosting Specs Capabilities?

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Is there a guide/book/article that explains how much resources we need to serve certain number of sites or visitors?

I’ve seen a poorly optimized and/or coded site crush a very powerful dedicated server under a very small number of visitors and I’ve also seen a shared hosting account handle millions of visitors per month without breaking a sweat.

Sometimes I do wish it were as simple as saying, ‘If you have X resources then you can handle Y visitors.’ The issue is that it really depends on your site(s) and how intensive they are.

Just like I can’t say ‘Every person in the USA can run 1 miles in 10 minutes,’ because some are able to do so due to being in decent shape and others absolutely cannot even come close to a 10 minute mile. While it’s probably possible for most without some major disability to get to that point – just like most sites can be optimized to perform better – that doesn’t mean I can simply say that everyone can do it now.

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For example, I have a dedicated server with these specs:

OS CentOs 7 – 64Bit

Storage 2 x SSD RAID 1


CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Quad-Core

I’m planning to rent it as shared hosting. How many sites the server can host and how many concurrent visitors the site can handle using CDN?

Anywhere from 1 to 10,000 – probably closer to ~100. If you host nothing but static sites you could probably do 10,000 if you’re hosting Magento installations probably closer to 5. It’s all relative to the content of each site and/or account.

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