Creators can elevate a brand’s video marketing plan

The Digital Creators movement is in full swing as marketers discover the benefits of partnering with specialists who truly know how to connect with the rapidly growing audiences for videos on social media. Today’s Digital Creators don’t just create content—they develop integrated, authentic and timely brand stories that resonate with audiences. 


So who are these Digital Creators? They’re video experts and, for Twitter, they’re often Gen Z’s celebrities with influence across cultures. They create video content across a wide range of topics that people seek out on Twitter, including beauty, cooking, politics, technology and even astrology. Digital Creator videos are stopping people in their timelines as they spend more time watching, sharing and talking about video—driving a 26% increase in conversation around Creator Culture on Twitter.




Digital Creators are savvy marketers themselves, with a knack for finding innovative ways to connect their audiences with unfiltered authenticity. Their strength is their speed and wit. In fact, their ability to fuel and feed off trends is what keeps their video content engaging for their fans and valuable for brands. They often make us laugh, lift us up and entertain us with sketches, how-to’s, hot takes, reviews, reactions and commentary. And they’re not just Gen Z folks appealing to Gen Z audiences. All demographics are watching, driving a 17% increase in video views on Twitter.




Partnering with Creators allows you to share your brand message in an authentic and engaging way. On Twitter, brands can align with Digital Creators through our Amplify ad product, enabling them to run short, contextual ads in front of premium Creator content from a slate of diverse creative talent who regularly produce brand-safe, premium video.



If it’s happening in the world, people are watching it on Twitter. And people are watching and following Digital Creators. Brands can partner with industry-leading Digital Creators to boost their marketing campaigns, just as we did on @TwitterMktg. Your brand can make a splash and reach your audience where it’s all happening by getting involved with today’s Digital Creators.


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