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3 Tips to Conduct Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay Launching a successful PPC campaign starts with good keyword research. PPC campaigns that turned out successful began with building a powerful keyword list. These campaigns are meant to target your audience and engage them to attract clicks. You cannot do this if you are unable to understand your prospective […]

CPA (Cost Per Attention)

Hey! Excuse me. May I have a moment of your time? This piece talks briefly about attention, not necessarily how to get it but once you have it, the importance of using and caring for it in the most considered way. The concept is not a new idea but an initial intention that has seemed […]

4 CRO Strategies to Supercharge Your Campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is a crucial practice you should keep in mind when creating promotional content nowadays – whether you’re building a landing page, making an explainer video, blog post tutorial, or anything else in between! Now, a conversion occurs every time your website or online content accomplishes the goal it’s […]

6 PPC Mistakes to Avoid

Image via A lot of businesses are getting exposed to the internet and the potentials it holds. Businesses, both small and big, are not putting a lot of effort into establishing an online presence and boosting conversions through the internet. But while many businesses are taking advantage of online marketing tools like PPC, a lot […]

Increase your Conversion Rate using Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most influential social media platform, boasting more than 2.85 billion users globally.  A whopping 7M+ million active advertisers leverage Facebook ads to drive conversions. Considering the platform’s massive reach, you can’t miss advertising on Facebook. The average conversion rate of Facebook ads is 9.21%, which makes it one of the […]

Display Ads and Why Businesses Needs Them

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay Display ad, which is also known as banner advertising, is an effective type of PPC marketing. It is an online marketing method that passes commercial information through imagery, logos, animations, buttons, rich media, videos, or other graphics. This type of ad is mostly seen on websites and applications. Display […]

Sergey Karshkov: 9 Pandas’ Top Dogs Project

Shutterstock Top Dog is a company specializing in bare-knuckle fights. 9 Pandas formulated a creative design concept for the Top Dog website conveying the brand’s core elements: Masculinity Excellence The Way of the Warrior Rivalry Fortitude Evoking the style of the Guy Richie movie Snatch, 9 Pandas developed individual graphic ‘signs-symbols’ for each fighter, symbolizing […]