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Update on Litmus Live 2021

We have some important news to share about Litmus Live 2021. Our hope was to have an in-person and live-streamed event to reconnect this unique community after a long, hard year. Your health and safety always come first. So, given recent events, and after many difficult discussions, we’re going to: Switch to a livestream-only event. […]

Ways to Create Visually Appealing Email Design

Visually appealing email design can engage your target audience, showcase your brand message, and encourage subscribers to click your CTA. Since email marketing generates 40 times more leads than social media, it’s one of the most effective ways to boost conversion rates. This makes good email design more important than ever. But how can you […]

Singles’ Day Emails and Strategies You Can’t Miss

Day and night. Summer and Winter. Valentine’s Day and Singles’ Day. Opposites give each other meaning and provide email marketers with opportunities to experiment and have fun. While Black Friday tends to dominate the end-of-year email sales spotlight in some countries, there’s another holiday to try on for size—Singles’ Day. What is Singles’ Day? Singles’ […]