How to Best Manage your Marketing Budget

As someone who is soon going to be handed an account to lead for the first time in their digital marketing career, one of the things that must feel the most universally daunting is handling the budget that comes with it. Of course, it’s important to be able to maximize the marketing potential for any […]

How much IO can I expect from shared hosting?

Originally Posted by ChaoscripT I also agree with @HostXNow, many customers in sort of race (include me) to find the best performance web hosting company. I agree that the “Unlimited” and “cheap” words isn’t attractive anymore, I saw many times that companies advertise “Unlimited space”, really? you have unlimited amount of space? Or there are […]

Finding the Right Voiceover For Your Video

Certain inflections and distinct vocal traits can make a person’s voice recognisable in an instant. Large corporations have often employed celebrities to voiceover their products or services in order to capture the viewer’s attention and thus maximising the reach of their marketing campaign; Hugh Dennis’ promotion of the latest washing machine deals in the Curry’s […]