Any other customers here? Whats your experience with hosts listed on the forum ads list?

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Hi i noticed most posters here are hosting company owners or representatives. Are there any other customers here? I want to know if how much you trust the posters in the ads listing section? I tried many of them even the non sticky posts and sometimes I buy the cheapest package just for trying them out. I discovered some good hosts that are not very popular. I dont need the tech help often but if i have questions about the service the good ones are very fast to reply. Of course, I also discovered some BAD ones, ones who use nulled billing software, nulled panels, nulled everything. Sometimes these bad hosts are fast to reply to support too but if a customer is not vigilant they will be supporting some illegal operation without their knowledge.

who do you think the companies are sharing their ads for ? Google ?

All of the hosting companies baring 2 of them I used were from wht. As with any provider, you need to do due diligence before signing up for any host. I have had my share of both bad & good experiences.

Just because someone shared an ad or a premium/paid member doesn’t mean, they are a great webhost.

If you’ve a bad experience with a provider share the reviews, let the community know about it – if they are upto some illegal activity, clients need to protect fellow clients. Also do share positive experiences as well, can help clients & also hosts in gaining a few additional clients – win-win situation for all.

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