Act-On Has Your Back During the COVID-19 Pandemic (And Beyond)

Kyle McCarthy


As it’s been a few weeks since our latest status communication, we want to remind you of the ways in which we’re making our platform and our Account, Support, and Customer Success teams more accessible and available when you need them. Additionally, we want to share a few unique measures we’re currently taking to ensure the success of your marketing efforts and the safety (and sanity!) of our team.

Act-On COVID-19

The Importance of Marketing Automation During COVID-19

Marketing automation plays a critical role in any holistic marketing strategy during the best of times, but it’s become even more vital as we move into the second month of social distancing practices related to COVID-19. As businesses look to increase efficiencies with fewer resources and maintain revenue with fewer leads, digital marketing initiatives have become more important than ever. As such, Act-On is here to continue our role as the primary vehicle through which you plan, develop, and deliver all of your traditional and crisis communications.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Support

There’s so much more to digital marketing success than traditional KPIs, so if you need any assistance updating your strategy or technical skills to achieve a deeper and broader sense of business value from our platform and for your customers, please reach out. Our account management and customer support teams are the very best in the industry, and they continue to provide around-the-clock service for all of our customers worldwide experiencing critical issues and obstacles. 

Marketing Automation Speed and Quality

Delivering timely and effective internal and external communications is paramount right now. We are working day and night to deliver permanent and consistent service while also increasing our platform’s capabilities and improving the functionality of our core features.

Special Offers for Active Contacts and Crisis Communications

If you have a specific need concerning crisis communications, we are providing additional Active Contacts at no extra cost to help you deliver those critical messages. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss potential options. 

Safety, Transparency, and Goodwill

As a company, we continue to follow shelter-in-place measures by working remotely across all of our offices. The safety and health of our employees is our top priority.  We are closely monitoring new developments and will keep our employees and customers apprised of any operational updates. So far, we’re very pleased and impressed by our employees’ dedication to safe and productive remote-work practices. We’re even doing our best to have a little fun with a series of remote “Spirit Days” (today is Tie Dye Day!), hilarious Tiger King digital conferencing backgrounds, and a regular cadence of virtual happy hours.

Act-On Remains Your Trusted Marketing Automation Partner

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is testing our resolve. It’s testing our relationships and our familial bonds. It’s testing our friendships and our trust in one another. Most importantly, it’s testing our civic duties and our responsibilities as citizens in a modern and deeply connected world.

These are difficult tests, to be sure. They’re unlike anything we’ve ever dealt with in the past. But despite the struggles, fears, and uncertainties we now confront on a daily basis, we know that we will emerge from this challenge stronger and more united than ever — if we believe in one another and work together to accomplish our goals. 

At Act-On, we’re doing everything we can to strengthen our customer relationships and support all of our clients as they navigate these strange and turbulent tides. We know that our marketing automation platform plays a critical role in your digital communications, and we are here to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

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