9 Habits That Drive Productivity at Work: Study

What can professionals do to make the most of their time at work? Which approaches, tips, and tricks help to slay productivity-killing dragons?

RAIN Group recently set out to find out by surveying 2,377 professionals about their productivity habits. The researchers focused on the responses of the 14% of people who self-identify as extremely productive (“The XP”) to understand what they do that sets them apart.

Extremely productive people spend 46% more time on investment activities (undertakings such as planning sessions that generate a return) compared with other respondents, and they are 2.7x more likely to put investment activities on their calendars.

Extremely productive people are 1.8x more likely to turn off alerts compared with other respondents, and they are 3.4x more likely to signal to coworkers that they need “do not disturb” time.

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