8 New Email Templates to Help You Grow Your Business

How do you know which template is right for you? Each template in AWeber’s gallery has been designed for a specific purpose.

A good subject line gets your audience to open your email, but a well-designed email keeps the reader engaged — leading to higher click-through rates, better engagement, and increased sales. 

Email design can make or break your ability to connect with your audience. But most small businesses don’t have dedicated designers and don’t have the time to create a library of email templates and test which one resonates best with their customers.  

AWeber’s email designer, Jeni McGuigan, regularly updates and adds new email templates to the free template gallery so users can easily personalize a few items and make the email template their own.

“When I design an email template, it is not for a single client. I am creating a template for several businesses. It needs to be flexible, so they can easily do what they want with it by simply adding text, uploading their logo, and adjusting the color to match their branding,” says McGuigan.

But how do you know which email template is right for your business?

Each template in AWeber’s gallery has a specific purpose. Explore the 8 new template options below to pick which is right for you and your business. 

Email Templates for real estate to showcase with ease

The design options in the Real Estate template were inspired by some of the leading businesses in the real estate industry. Each template is a little different, but creates a great foundation to help real estate agents promote homes on the market.

To use any of these templates, all a real estate agent needs to do is:

  1. Personalize the branding with their logo and color preferences. 
  2. Upload real estate images and property details. 
  3. Send the email to their prospective clients and customers. 
Examples Real Estate email templates
Want to use this template? Check out the Real Estate template in AWeber’s template gallery. 

To add a splash of color, simply adjust the color of your divider or button colors in the drag-and-drop email editor. 

Two email template examples for Real Estate
Want to use this template? Check out the Real Estate template in AWeber’s template gallery. 

Show your appreciation with a thank you email template 

Who doesn’t love a thank you email with a discount on your next purchase?  With the Nelson template, all you need to do is pick your color preference, add your logo, and the details of your discount, and you are ready to send it to your loyal customers. 

Examples of Thank You templates
Use the Nelson template in AWeber’s template gallery. 

Everything a blogger needs

Popular blogging categories — including DIY, Travel, Parenting, Food, Fitness, Fashion, Finance, and Music — influenced the design of the Harold templates.  

Each of the row colors can be entirely customized. You can use the stock image in each template, upload a different image from AWeber’s image gallery, or upload your own images.

Example of Blogger email templates
Additional examples of email templates for a blogger
Send visual emails using the Harold template in AWeber’s template gallery. 

Modernize your email design

Are you looking to try a new layout?  Consider one of the Grace templates. Each template has a slightly different layout, and the color rows can all be completely customized. Just add your logo and content, and your email template has an instant refresh.

Six examples of a new, modern email template
Try one of the Grace templates in AWeber’s template gallery today.

Stand out with bold patterns

If you like clean designs and geometric zig-zag images, you should check out the Daisy templates. On the black & white versions, the zig-zag is inverted — so when you change the row color, the color of the zig-zags changes.

Examples of the Daisy template with bold zig-zag patterns
Add eye-catching design to your emails with the Daisy templates in AWeber’s template gallery.

Sell more products

Want to sell products or drive people to your store? Consider the Tea Time templates — designed to highlight individual products. There are three different layouts, and you can easily add or change elements in AWeber’s drag-and-drop email editor. 

Examples of the Tea Time email template to design to sell products.
Showcase your online or retail store with the Tea Time templates in AWeber’s template gallery. 

Highlight customer quotes or reviews in a new email newsletter template

If it is time to consider a new newsletter format, check out the It’s Spring template. It even includes a sidebar box that is perfect for a short testimonial, quote, or review. 

When you use a sidebar box, keep the content short, so it does not distract from your lead content or blog post.  

Example of Its Spring template to highlight customer quotes or reviews.
Showcase your customers’ feedback in a sidebar box with the It’s Spring template in AWeber’s template gallery.

Bold headers

The Hector email template is a great option for your business if you’re looking for bold headers. The background image color is removed to make the header stand out. It is a super easy and effective way to highlight a quote, statement, or sale. The row color can be adjusted to match your business’s branding. 

Examples of Hector template highlighting bold headlines
Try the Hector template in the AWeber template gallery today. 

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