5 Tools That Professional Video Editors Need In 2021

Thinking of creating videos for social media and or other marketing projects this year? If your business wants to get into video marketing, there are a few things to consider before jumping right in.

Speedy Turnaround Is Vital

A lot of professionals in the field of video editing need to be able to work quickly and efficiently. To do that, they need a variety of different equipment that will allow them to carry out their tasks more quickly. Video editors also need to have access to software and the IT technology that will help them complete a number of other tasks. Editing video is no easy task, regardless of how much experience video editors have.

Therefore, here are five things every professional video editor needs, whether you’re working in-house at an organisation or if you’re considering going freelance.

A Great Audio Setup

Video editing is an audio-centric process in which the audio is crucial to telling the story effectively; expect problems if your sound quality isn’t up to par. Consider getting a set of good microphones for your shooting setup.

Accurate Transcription Software

Another thing professional video editors need is highly accurate voice transcription software to allow your viewers to get 99% accurate transcripts of your videos. As with the audio quality, transcription issues can cause problems in a video editing job. A good transcription software program will ensure that you work fast and avoid simple mistakes like typos in your captions.

Good Lighting

Video shooting requires some good lighting, and as such, if editors are also videographers, this needs to be taken into consideration. Depending on the type of video shooting and editing you do, it could be helpful to have a lighting kit that will work well as portable lighting and fixed studio lighting.

Whether or not you want to rent lighting for your shoot is up to you. Lighting rental companies often offer discounts and will also allow for the use of some of their equipment when the rental is long-term.

Great Video Editing Software

Editors need to be able to work effectively with different types of video editing software. Some professional editors work with Adobe, and some prefer Apple products. Whichever way you choose, you want to have access to the type of software that will allow for the best workflow in your editing job.

Not every video editor likes using the same editor or program. Options like Final Cut Pro and  Adobe Premiere Pro are the most popular, but others such as Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.

Good Graphics Card

Video editing is visual, and in order to edit video in a way that will result in the best possible images, you’ll need a graphic card that will allow the computer to handle all of the tasks at hand. 

If you are considering going freelance, it’s important that you consider this as part of your traveling costs, too, because laptops with enough power to run both video editing software and a heavy-duty graphics card will be heavier and have less battery power than lighter notebooks.

Make sure that your hard drive has sufficient space on it, too, so you have enough space for all of your shots and editing tasks.

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