38 Ways to Boost Your Content Confidence … Every Time You Publish

The life of a content marketer is always intense.

The deadlines, the flow of ideas, the juggling of writing, promotion, and business needs.

To keep producing, you need to protect your content confidence. And this week, we shared 38 ways to do that.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman outlined 12 of the triple-checks we do at Copyblogger to make sure that every post goes into the world making an excellent impression. (I messed up #5 once and I was mortified. If only I’d had Stefanie’s checklist in front of me!)

On Tuesday, Pamela Wilson showed us how to take a just-okay image and crop it so it tells a compelling story — and increases the immediate impact of your content. Smart images will help your good writing get the shares and attention it deserves.

And on Wednesday, I talked about 10 ways to fall in love with your blog (or podcast, or YouTube channel) all over again — because when you love it, it shows.

Over on the Copyblogger FM podcast, you’ve got 13 new ways to look at your headlines. Crappy Headline Syndrome is a real thing, and can cause an otherwise-great piece of content to die of loneliness.

Product of the week: Content Confidence Checklist

Want a quick (but long-lasting) confidence boost? This super cost-effective resource helps you get the most out of your content every time you publish. Perfect for content creators of all levels who need a bit of structure … and who doesn’t?

Grab the Checklist
— Sonia Simone
Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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