$310 Per Day With Clickbank & Instagram Affiliate Marketing in 2019 (SUPER EASY)

$310 Per Day With Clickbank & Instagram Affiliate Marketing in 2019 (SUPER EASY)

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  2. So why should I assume this would work? I get it there are 300,000 followers but what any purchase in a 8 hour window.
    I get it its popular but i dont see evidence.
    Has this worked like you said?

  3. Uh why should i assume that many or anybody would that product?
    Is there any evidence? Sure, lots of people in there but i dont know the stats or if people buy clickbank products this way?

  4. Thanks for the vid. How many hours per day should you ask for a promo with the influencer and why? How many days per week will they allow you to promote on their page usually?

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